Monday, January 31, 2011


Right about now is the time when New Year resolutions and fresh starts revolving around health and fitness come to a halt….or at least hit some road blocks. Excuses start piling up and you realize that eating clean plus working out takes A LOT of time and effort.  Are you catching yourself saying, “Oh, what’s the use, I will start when the weather warms up” or “Is this really worth it”? Self doubt and the responsibilites/stressors of  everyday life are suffocating your goals.

How do you press on? OVERCOME!! Because you ARE worth it. The part where we stumble and fall is in the fact that becoming a healthy and fit woman is a journey, not a 4-week bootcamp. While bootcamps, challenges, and 90-day makeovers are valuable tools for motivation, our mindset has to be for the long run.  I sure don’t want to find myself 5 years down the road still trying to “start over” or be “for real this time”. Do you? Then O.V.E.R.C.O.M.E.

O> outweigh the consequences of skipping workouts, emotional eating, etc…
V> value your goals; they are what keep you moving forward.
E> educate to motivate. Knowledge is power!
R> be realistic. Instill do-able strategies that fit your life.
C> have confidence in yourself to try new things.
O> own it. We are where we are because of our own choices.
M> make the mostof it. If all you have is 30 minutes, then learn how to pylo train.
E> excuses are the enemy!

As always, rise above. Allow the sacrifice and discipline to lead you toward freedom